5 Best Point and Click Games Online 2020

Tue 26th May 2020 - 1:17pm : Gaming

Back in the times, when there the technology as not so advanced, and people did not have smartphones, tablets, and all the other gadgets, the people used to rely on the basic computer with a mouse and a keyboard.

The houses have the luxury of a desktop computer. However, there were games too, that children used to play on the computer. Same as the computer system and the technology, the games were also not advanced.

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Are you wondering what were the games that were popular in the ’90s?

The point and click games were famous back then until the advancement of technology happened. However, the charm of point and click games is still there. With all the other advancements, the point and the click games now have the latest versions.

The latest versions are reviving the spirit of the ’90s and the adventure of the present has also been added in the point and click games.

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Best 5 Point and Click Games in 2020

1. Day of the Tentacle Remastered

The Day of the Tentacle Remastered is the first one on the list of point and click games. It is one of the games the is full of adventure and has been one of the top points and click games. Day of the Tentacle Remastered is a game that has been in the market and loved by kids from the ’90s till now.

People still like to play this adventure game because of the newer versions that it has. The Day of the Tentacle Remastered has been changed over time.

Now, the Day of the Tentacle Remastered has better graphics, amazing sound quality, and impressive commentary. It is available on iOS and PS Vita systems.

2. Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park is another point and clicks game. This has been renewed over time. If you are interested to play the retro style, interesting adventure game, that has a hilarious dialogue session, Thimbleweed Park is the best choice.

This Thimbleweed Park is a point and clicks game that is no longer the same as it used to be. The technological advancement has made Thimbleweed Park better and more adventurous.

You can enjoy and never get enough of Thimbleweed Park. It is available for the iOS and Android systems.

3. The Journey Down: Chapter One

There are various genres of the point and click games. If you do not enjoy the adventure games, you should try the puzzle point and click games. The Journey Down: Chapter One is a puzzle game that you will enjoy because of the interactive features.

The Journey Down: Chapter One is a funny yet intriguing game that you can enjoy. The Journey Down: Chapter One is available for iOS and Steam.

You can enjoy the latest version of The Journey Down: Chapter One and have a great time while playing.

4. The Silent Age

The Silent Age is another one on the list of point and clicks games that can give you the ultimate adventure vibes. This game, “The Silent Age” is about a janitor. He can travel time. You can enjoy this intriguing game on iOS and android.

Play it and learn how the janitor uses his power to save the world. The Silent Age is an amazing adventure game, that you will enjoy.

5. The Walking Dead: The Game

If you are looking for a modern point and click game, which is not a renewal of the old point and click games, then The Walking Dead: The Game is the best one you can find.

The Walking Dead: The Game is a game that is considered on the top of the list of the modern point and clicks games. It is a tough yet intriguing game, which is full of adventures. The Walking Dead: The Game is available on iOS, Android, PS Vita.

Final Words

You can find a lot more interesting point and click games that are available online. You can enjoy these points and click games, full of adventure, drama, puzzles, and much more. You can also find classic games.

However, the newer versions the point and click games are a lot different than the old versions, that only used mouse and keyboards.



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    Day of the Tentacle Remastered game is funny, and the interactions of the items with other characters or things are often entertaining to observe as well as a way to gain useful knowledge about what an item might do for you in game. I remembered playing this game with my friends after the class. I'm gonna try the remaining Point and Click games you recommend. Finally I can play new games because gacha life pc download and akinator – mind reader makes me bored already.

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